Writers Horoscope-July 23

Rise above regret today.

That cheese dust from the forbidden Cheetos [July 21] is gumming up your keyboard.

cheeto fingers chistopher paulin

Go old school. Whip out a sharpened Ticonderoga #2 and a tablet and finish that chapter.

photo copyright Christopher Paulin



2 thoughts on “Writers Horoscope-July 23

  1. oh oh OH! Cheetos!!! Had to give them up years ago (kept finishing the bag too often.) Still look at them longingly @ grocery, then quickly move cart over to vegan potato lentil chips. Not the same, at all, at all! 🙄😕🙄

    1. Yep…I have to hang my head in two days at my annual checkup and admit to my doc…my addiction. Kettle Corn. I’m not sure there was even a gateway junk food that led to it, but it’s now out of control. I can’t even fathom entering a 12-step program for it. It’s heartbreaking. A decent life…gone to seed. [Or should I say, kernel.] ;->

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