Writers Horoscope-July 23

Rise above regret today.

That cheese dust from the forbidden Cheetos [July 21] is gumming up your keyboard.

cheeto fingers chistopher paulin

Go old school. Whip out a sharpened Ticonderoga #2 and a tablet and finish that chapter.

photo copyright Christopher Paulin




  1. oh oh OH! Cheetos!!! Had to give them up years ago (kept finishing the bag too often.) Still look at them longingly @ grocery, then quickly move cart over to vegan potato lentil chips. Not the same, at all, at all! 🙄😕🙄

    1. Yep…I have to hang my head in two days at my annual checkup and admit to my doc…my addiction. Kettle Corn. I’m not sure there was even a gateway junk food that led to it, but it’s now out of control. I can’t even fathom entering a 12-step program for it. It’s heartbreaking. A decent life…gone to seed. [Or should I say, kernel.] ;->

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