I should have been writing. Instead…biscuits.



biscuits reduced size

Yep, biscuits. So much more rewarding than wrangling over a first draft that points to the dwindling intellect of a ‘certain writer’.

They were the finale after the arugula pesto and the tofu spread.

Pretty sure I lost my two readers with those last two words, but stick with me here…

Solution to tofu that tastes [and behaves] like spackle: Heat the olive oil, bloom the spices in the oil, *then* add the tofu, the caramelized onions, the arugula, and whatever else won’t resist your purposeful grope into the fridge.

Essentially, you make a tofu scramble and pulverize it in the food processor. Now you actually have something with flavor that you can spread on bread, but without the sinfulness of cheese.

Back to the biscuits…today, I used the New York Times’ all-purpose biscuit recipe as my starting point. I had already sullied the food processor when I made the pesto, so I snagged a cube of butter from the freezer and grated it into the flour. [The photo below is telling me I should have also added parm to the mix.]

parmesan-cheese grater


So, no cheese this time, but afternoon coffee and biscuits ensued.

dog mug

Sitting in the backyard sun, feet up on another chair, two of my favorite foods, my truly favorite person, and the knowledge that the writing projects will still be there when I saunter back. Life’s good.




  1. Virginia says:

    That tofu spread sounds YUMMY! Biscuits look even yummier… I actually make lots of biscuits (we’re in tha soouth.) Favs include cheddar cheese drop biscuits & cheese applesauce biscuits (I can adjust to vegan) &, of course, good ole buttermilk biscuits! 😋🙄😋

    1. TMH says:

      V: your reference to cheese applesauce biscuits sent me scrambling for a recipe. http://www.grouprecipes.com/66846/savory-country-applesauce-biscuits.html Does this about do it? My wife makes some serious parmesan/chive drop biscuits. Thanks for the call out on the first kind…and the reminder for the second kind. I could be happy cruising the South [in the fall or spring; not a fan of humidity, thank you very much] in search of the best biscuit…and barbecue…and gumbo…and collard greens…and cobbler. [Just as long as I don’t talk politics, it could be a dream trip.]

      1. Virginia says:

        Tim – that applesauce biscuit recipe looks yum, but the cheese applesauce biscuits I’ve been making for 30 yrs is my Mama’s recipe (& much lighter!) Sift 2c flour, 1 tsp baking soda, 1 tblsp baking powder, cut in 5 tblsp margarine, mix in I cup shredded sharp cheddar cheese – then add 3/4 cup applesauce (more or less) & roll out (add more flour as needed) Bake @ 375 for 13 mins (or 350 for 17 mins & not as crispy.) In Bethehem I made these by the 100s for my annual Christmas party – turning them into ham biscuits (with melted butter & Dijon mustard) & turkey biscuits for Muslim friends. Oh, true southern cooks use White Lily flour. It really does make a difference!! 😋🤗😋

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