Writers Horoscope for October 5: Feeling unmotivated? Look around you.

messy room pixabay

Turns out you shouldn’t knock yourself for feeling listless…apathetic…phlegmatic. Well, you get the idea.

James Clear claims that, in many cases, our work environment influences our productivity more than our motivation.


  • Automate your working space to steer yourself toward good decisions. Example: Use software to block access to social media sites.
  • Place meaningful, productive tools [non-wifi connected laptop] within easy reach. He calls it ‘getting in the flow’.
  • Negate your unproductive influences. In other words, hide the bad food. Don’t work near the TV. Clear out the clutter, which consistently drains our focus.

Now, if you lack motivation to sharpen up your work environment, well, that’s a topic for another day. Sympathy will not be forthcoming, however.

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