I should be writing. Instead…a quick bread.




The moist center is from the ‘swirl’ ingredients.

  • 3/4 cup chocolate chips
  • 2 teaspoons ground cinnamon
  • 2 tablespoons brown sugar
  • 2 tablespoons maple syrup

But I skipped the chocolate chips in the swirl and added some molasses. [My wife is having the lawyer draw up the divorce papers as I write this.] I also added dried cranberries.


  • The bread looks a little flat. Rationalization: I like ‘dense’. She suggested that I use more leavener. I actually [this time] followed the recipe and added the suggested amount of baking powder. I wonder if I added too much–Bridget Lancaster of American’s Test Kitchen once warned against overdoing it because the result might be a welcome rise…followed by an unwelcome slump. Shrug. Hand me another piece of the bread. The coffee’s ready.
  • Amazing how much post-baking cleanup can be accomplished when you set the timer for five minutes.
  • Siri loves a good countdown.




  1. Love “Cook’s Illustrated;” have tried a few dozen recipes, and they’re always spectacular, and reading Christopher Kimball’s column as the beginning of each issue is always enjoyable too.

    1. TMH says:

      Yep, C Kimball really recreated the Vermont experience for us readers. He has moved on to Milk St. Television, etc, his own gig. It has a more international flavor.

      1. Oh, very cool thanks for the heads up! Was wondering as I’ve seen thoe “Milk St.” magazines at the co-op, and had just assumed it was a “cooks” spinoff. I’m working off old issues of “Cooks Illustrated,” from 8-15 years ago I got for free, and also the collected recipe books thrifted from Goodwill, so not up to date, very good to know. I’ll have to check out an issue.

      2. TMH says:

        How are you even breathing after today’s NFL playoff, or are you not a fan?

      3. WASNT THAT CRAZY!! I’m a Minnesota Vikings fan no LESS!!! We were going absolutely nuts, could not believe it!! (We’re used to losing these kind of games lol).

      4. Yup, been living in MN for most of my life, born and raised here, but didn’t start watching football until 1998 when Moss was a rookie (was always more of a Twins/baseball). So it’s been a lot of disappointment starting with that Gary Anderson missed kick in 98′ against the Falcons, up to the New Orleans game in 09′, so this was particularly sweet. Though it doesn’t affect my mental state whether we win or lose, (like some fans) it was great to see Payton and Brees lose that one lol!

      5. TMH says:

        Yep, even out here on the West Coast, I was disappointed to see MN lose that ‘98 game. Loved their massive offensive stats that year.

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