Ten more writing prompts…and one more Warmup strategy.

imagine jeremy-beck-405603-unsplash

Another use: I have reduced one of my hard copies to 1000 strips of paper, each containing a Warmup. I pull out four or five at a time and see what story develops.
[Note: My first ebook of Writing Warmups is currently free.]

  1. “Why don’t you come with us?” As she considered the request, the three of us turned our backs and winced.
  2. “Don’t sweat it. You’ll get the hang of it.”
  3. I swear when I grabbed her hand for the first time, a jolt of electricity shot up my arm.
  4. “How do you get anything done in here?” 
  5. “All due respect…” Oh, geez, I knew anything but respect was on its way.
  6. The deadline was approaching, but our solutions weren’t.
  7. “So, what’ll it be—root canal or a date with my brother?”
  8. “Should my hands be sweating like this?”
  9. “Let’s just make believe we get along…just for tonight.”
  10. “What is it with you? Why does everything have to be so organized?”

**Photo by Jeremy Beck on Unsplash


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