Writng Prompts Word Art 4

  1. “Get your girlfriend’s family here as soon as possible!”
  2. We knew we didn’t belong, but we were all she had…
  3. “Quick, contact social services!”
  4. It looked completely safe to me.
  5. “The worst thing I could do for you is feed your chocolate habit.”   
    I formed a fist…
  6. “A second injury? No way!”
  7. We needed it to be low-cost and under-the-radar…
  8. “Hey, I’m not here to marry your daughter!”
  9. “Go ahead, make my year.”
  10. “Honest! It’s 100 percent pure!”  
    “Oh, yeah, something here is definitely pure.”

Other use for writing prompts:

I look for one that speaks to what has happened to me or what I’ve read or seen in the last 24 hours that spurred anger, gratitude, or laughter.

Number five applies to my wife’s recent attempts to cut back on sugar. [No, no fist was formed in the making of that writing prompt.]


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