10 Writing Prompts for August 17

Word Art (3)

  1. “Yes, it is my fault. But I can’t undo this.”
  2. “Let’s talk right now. We can worry about the others later.”
  3. We weren’t so sure he could handle this pressure…
  4. “Don’t freak out on me now. I need you! We all need you!”
  5. “Faking a call on your cell is the oldest trick in the book!”
    “Trust me, I was desperate.”
  6. She dropped a thousand bucks on the table. “Go for it.”
  7. “You treat that dog better than you treat me!”   
  8. “What’s your point?”
    He reached inside his coat. “I’m glad you asked.”
  9. “That’s a whole lot of real estate you just bought.”
  10. Every time he raised that scalpel…

For more ideas how these warmups might help…How to use writing prompts by Emily Wenstrom.

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