10 Writing Prompts for August 30

Word Art (6)

  1. “Yes, it is my fault. But I can’t undo this.”

  2. “The time is now. We can worry about the others later.”

  3. I wasn’t sure I could handle this pressure…

  4. “Don’t freak out on me now. I need you! We all need you!”

  5. “Faking a call on your cell is the oldest trick in the book!”

  6. We had just saved a thousand bucks and it was time to celebrate…

  7. “You treat that dog better than you treat me!”   

  8. “Who’s your friend?”
    “Well, if you must know…”

  9. “That’s a whole lot of real estate you just bought.”

  10. Every time he raised that scalpel, I swear I…

For more ideas how these warmups might help…How to use writing prompts by Emily Wenstrom.

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