National Novel Writing Month [Day 2]

Folks, feel free to click right past. These updates are an accountability tool for me. As you can see, I’m well behind pace right now, but I’ve made up deficits before.

My less than specific story description [excerpt from an email to Sarra of]: I keep messing with my plotting strategy in my head. Part of me wants to avoid heavy dialogue because it really slows down the pace, even without the annoying punctuation. Part of me is considering working from three directions [characters] who will converge at various points in the story. Who knows?

National Novel Writing Month 2018 Tally Sheet


  1. Virginia says:

    Good luck, Tim! Baking (to keep up your strength) can add more verve to your nerve to write, but Sunny days? That’s asking too much (taint days = double words!) ☀️🥧🍰🍪😋☀️

    1. TMH says:

      V! You’re always there to support my engaging in calorie-infused procrastination. Pumpkin something or other is in the works for tomorrow morning. Thanks for checking in.

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