Accountability Counts for Something

do it accountableI should be writing. Instead, I’m making waffles—four types: plain, raisin, cranberry/walnut, cheese/walnut.

Waffles with grated cheese on top

It’s a Saturday, so, I guess that gives me license to procrastinate.

But I have found one thing: If I don’t have the need to report into the 500-Word-a-Day Facebook group, I don’t do the 500 words. I still work on my projects, but there is something about the self-imposed ’obligation’ to write that gets the juices flowing and, once the warmup words are spewed, often results in better work later in the day. Some of the words are spent on planning for projects, some are directed towards project pep talks [i.e. verbal butt-kickings], and some are sent to blog posts [lucky you]. And it does feel good to report in to the ‘500 Group’ , as I call it.

Why did I take the break from the FB group?

I just figured they had better things to do than even to click a ‘like’ or a thumbs-up.

I don’t check for results, per se. But it is helpful to have posted the daily results.

And I misguidedly thought the ‘Daily 500’ was taking energy away from the other verbal ventures.

I’m 200+ words into this warmup, but I’m wondering if other writers have similar bouts with similar weird little roller coaster rides.

In the meantime, I’m halfway—229/500, but who’s counting?] toward my daily goal and it feels good that I have turned my back on a few household chores in favor of a little writing.


Black dog hanging out on the deck
Not easy to take a photo with the MacBook’s camera, especially if you’re a bungling idiot.

Still on the procrastination thread, as the weather improves, Buddy is adjusting to new locations to either: a) Fully support my writing routine.  b) Assertively heap on the guilt for not tending to his every nutritional or entertainment need.

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