Overwhelmed at the thought of writing?

Fast Company’s Art Markman has four suggestions:

  1. Break it down

  2. Make an outline

  3. Just get something down

  4. Write for five more minutes

If the list doesn’t tell you enough [and it doesn’t], here is the fleshed out version.

And I would add another suggestion.

Bake…[no, it doesn’t necessarily help you generate a bestseller, but it’s great for an afternoon coffee and who knows, the caramel experiment might just pay off in a fun blog post.]

two banana breads side-by-side
I added an amaretto caramel to the banana bread on the left. I added an Irish cream caramel to the banana bread on the right.


  1. Virginia says:

    Both of those caramels sound like delectable additions to banana bread – which one turned out better? (Although I’m sure you had to taste them both several times to figure that out!) Yummy! – VA

    1. TMH says:

      Virginia, thanks for checking in! I would say the amaretto better permeated the raisins–thus, the bread. I would try it again. I just didn’t want to overpower the bread and I don’t like adding a ‘raw’ liqueur. I’d rather cook it down to concentrate its flavor and take out the astringency of the alcohol. I’m starting to sound like a chemist…but hey! Rather than writing, right? ;-]

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