Writing Warmups for January 4

writing in a notebook
If you need a little warmup today, toy with a few of these ideas.

  1. “You look like your unders are creeping up on you.”
    “Naaah, he always looks like that when he’s outnumbered by dorks.”

  2. “Harvey! Here’s a show for you!–How Doers Get More Done.”
    “Funny, Margo. Very funny.”

  3. “I made over $10,000 and now I can buy my own car!”

  4. I was now officially out of the loop.

  5. “Get free delivery on your hardware equipment!” the TV blared at us.
    “Oh, great, and once it arrives, we’ll need help simply opening the boxes.”

  6. Just when we thought the world was safe from…

  7. “Even I know that!” I said and strolled away, hoping against hope that I could find out what I was supposed to know…

  8. There was very little reason to enter that room. But against my better judgement…

  9. “Yes, I guess you could say I am your latest ‘convert’.”

  10. I was afraid to close my eyes. We all were, actually.


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