Curation Corner: The Writer’s Map

I ran across a very interesting item by Sarah Laskow on Atlas Obscura about writers’ approaches to world-building.

Favorite quotes from some of the authors discussed…

“I begin every story I write by drawing a map because it is only when my characters start moving from place to place that a plot unfolds.”
–Abi Elphinstone [Dreamsnatcher]

“Writing is a matter of sullen toil. Drawing is pure joy. Drawing a map to go with a story is messing around, with the added fun of coloring in.”
— Phillip Pullman [His Dark Materials]

This is a strategy I will add to my prewriting course…and will experiment with as I draft The Next Page, my current school-based middle grade novel.

Other project work…

Writing prompts for other ‘creative reinventors’.



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