A new project: AOK Writing

Believe it or not–before the pandemic even started–I pitched my Act Of Kindness Writing’ idea to the local community college.

And then came mid-March.

And then came a July email from the college’s community education folks.

They were interested.

Here’s a 50-second video pitch they asked me to produce.

And then, even though I’m a little slow on the uptake, I decided…

Why not create a version
to test the project’s appeal and value to others?

And then I decided to stop opening paragraphs with ‘And then…’

More on the project:

  • You will have an authentic audience for your writing.
  • With fewer volunteer opportunities due to the pandemic, you can ‘do good’ from the comfort of your home.
  • You can join a community of like-minded writers.
  • You might/will learn a few tech tricks to doll up your work.
  • Your creative impulses will be strongly encouraged.
  • You can choose to contribute some/all of your work and experience and ideas to a digital gathering place and to collaborative pieces. [A mosaic or collage of excerpts, for example.]

By the way, who am I?

Let me know below if you’re interested in the free mini-course.

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