I should be writing. Instead, chocolate forgiveness cake.

T: Just asking…Shouldn’t I be making a rich chocolate cake into which I then poke holes and onto which I then slather a thin ganache that will seep into the afore-poked holes?

C: What is stopping you?!?

T: I needed personal affirmations. 🤓

C: Go for it!

T: Shame and guilt also work. I am Catholic, after all 😇. Okay then. I’ll tell L that you insist. 

C: It is a little known fact that chocolate can absolve sins! I insist you search for forgiveness!

T: You’re kidding! I could have skipped that spooky confessional and chowed down on a Nestle’s Crunch Bar? …My ‘chocolate forgiveness cake’! I love it! 🙏.

So there you have it. Thanks to my texting pal, making my chocolate forgiveness cake (my name–website calls it The Best Chocolate Cake Recipe {Ever}) was a moral imperative.

This recipe calls for a cup of boiling water as the final ingredient.

As addapinch’s Robyn Stone tells you, the batter comes out very thin. Not to worry, the cake’s consistency came out just fine.

Besides enjoying the cake with my wife,
this was the best 12 seconds of the day.

And now, thanks to addapinch.com…
today’s chocolate forgiveness cake

Note: Back to the opening text conversation, and as if this recipe isn’t solid enough, I added the ‘poke cake’ feature. We tried two icings–chocolate for cake #1 and vanilla for cake #2.

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  1. Virginia says:

    Tim, this cake looks AMAZING!!! 🎊🎂🎊

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