Goodwill words: Checking in with a long-time friend

Buddy’s tech skills have come under some household scrutiny of late…
Yes, it’s a mess. The curse of being a lefty doesn’t help.
And forgetting that fact doesn’t help either.

A reminder from this latest foray: Aaaah, the power of imperfectionism. On clear display here. “It’s the thought that counts” could never be more applicable.

But this friend had recently lost her partner of 50+ years and I wanted to follow up our phone visit with something in the mail. Plus, she–an SPCA volunteer and greyhound rescuer–loves dogs. Not sure what she thinks of left-handers, however…

Another reminder: Dog images just plain work for me. And our pets have to earn their keep somehow, right?

Yet another reminder…4 x 6 photos double as postcards quite nicely. [though I’m generally too lazy to dig for a postcard stamp, so I end up slapping on a first-class and get it sent!]

Am hoping the card spurs a little interest and action.

Thanks for visiting. I always appreciate the folks who press the ‘Like’ button to let me know the post arrived safely.

I am always happy to steer you to letter-writing destinations and resources on the Web. Just let me know what you need.

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