Goodwill words: Hoping this recipient wasn’t in retail.

Nothing like my own design ineptitude
to play into the note’s featured image…

One of the other challenges to writing to an unnamed ‘other person’ is the possibility of offending someone.

But in the end, I shrug and have faith the note reaches someone who might a) find the humor b) have pity on me…as a human, a writer, a delusional who hopes to amuse.

A plug for Love for Our Elders.
Tagline: We’re fighting loneliness with love, one letter at a time.

Am hoping the card spurs a little interest and action.

image by John Hain/Pixabay

Thanks for visiting. I always appreciate the folks who press the ‘Like’ button to let me know the post arrived safely.

I am always happy to steer you to letter-writing destinations and resources on the Web. Just let me know what you need.

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