“So, what do you do?”

In his book, Show Your Work, Austin Kleon suggests that we treat the question as a means to connect with the questioner or, in our case, listeners/viewers/readers.

Just explain humbly and honestly, he says.

So here goes–a list I developed over a smoked salmon scramble breakfast during my personal, ‘I won’t be able to drive for four more hours, so I’m stopping here’ weekend writer’s retreat.

  1. I’m writing.
  2. I’m creating educational content for future online possibilities.
  3. I’m semi-retired. [as in, I’m not sure if I am or not.]
  4. I’m looking for volunteer opportunities in my community.
  5. I’m avoiding the monumental task [in my mind] of decluttering.
  6. I guess I’m facing the distinct possibility that I’m done with public school teaching.
  7. I’m eating too much kettle corn. That stuff is the work of the devil.
  8. For health reasons, I’m trying to cut back on my baking.
  9. For comfort reasons, I’m ignoring list item #8 and pop in an occasional batch of herb-cheese rolls, chocolate-chocolate chip muffins, or a sweet potato quick bread. [I’m sharing with others…so there’s no need yet to widen any doorways should I visit.]



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