Okay, so I needed 200 words and…

I haven’t done that. I’ve answered emails. Not good. And I’ve printed out discount coupons for Baja Fresh. And I’ve looked for some of my incomplete writing projects. And I’ve flailed away at probably two or three other vitally important tasks on this computer. And produced no words.

The one thing I did do was opt for writing over washing a few dishes, so that’s a start. But then I drifted into the above displacement activities. I need help. I guess this is as good a start as any—the ol’ guideline ’admission is the first step to recovery’ is at play here. Recovering my writing habit.

Thank you, Jeff Goins, by the way, for your ‘practice makes habits’ suggestion. And in the process, I’ve produced 120 words. And I’m making me accountable at least to myself.

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