Twitter Gems: July 10-14

IndieAuthorsAlliance @IndieAuthorALLI Book Marketing Ideas for Indie Authors: Introducing the New Bookfunnel Bundle #author

David Gaughran @DavidGaughran
Scammers Break The Kindle Storetwitter-2430933_1280

Kindle Direct Pub  @AmazonKDP
Some guiding words from KDP author @jaltucher.

IndieAuthorsAlliance @IndieAuthorALLI
5 Top tips to Boost Your Productivity
[I’ve been working on the ‘road map’ tip. Sometimes I’m just not disciplined enough.]

Jon Winokur  @AdviceToWriters
If I see an ending, I can work backward. ARTHUR MILLER #amwriting#fiction

And yet more productivity tips!! Jeff Goins  @JeffGoins
Kill Distractions and Amp Up Your Productivity
[I like the instrumental music tip.]

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