I should have been writing. Instead…Fudgy Mocha Bars

There’s nothing I like better than seeing my wife drive off for a few errands–now, now, now, let me finish–so I can dive into a baking project.

The best part? When she returns, she is enveloped in the aroma of chocolate decadence at 350 degrees.

[Even better? When I have time to clean the kitchen before she gets back. Nailed it!]

The task at hand was Fudgy Mocha Bars from Dorie Greenspan’s Dorie’s Cookies.

fudgy mocha bar _2 with caption

I eased up a bit on the flour [adds to the candy bar effect] and pushed the cocoa [measuring? I don’t think soooo.].

The 30-minute cooling-off period [in other words, infinity] gave me some mulling time:

  1. Since when did manufacturers [aka the insidious “they”] start making chocolate chip packages ‘adult-safe’? Am I now so pathetic that I need to pack a trusty pair of scissors wherever I go? And am I now so lame that I’ll also need a scissors-holster? [“T, how many times have I told you?! No hobbling through the house with scissors!”]

  2. Since when did I drift into a parallel universe where I started dicing, spreading, and/or kneading along the edge of the counter? Have I suddenly forgotten gravity’s peculiar powers? I can see it coming– Roombas pre-programmed with: “Clean up at the east wing of the kitchen!”. 

Result on the Fudgy Mocha Bars: I broke off an ample hunk for breakfast. [Note: food tastes better in hunks. Well, except for soup…and salads…okay, you know what I mean.]

When I saw the photo of the Fudgy Mocha Bars, I wondered how different they would be from just plain brownies. And yet, there was a different, and welcome, consistency.

Speaking of brownies [and I can’t think of a reason not to speak of them], here is my favorite recipe: Best Cocoa Brownies from Alice Medrich’s Cookies and Brownies

Gotta tell you…these two ladies know their way around an oven.


  1. Virginia says:

    Fudgy mocha bars look (& sound) SO yummy. Consider baking a writer’s investment (for needed energy bursts?) Don’t worry about scissors, Tim. I have super serious scissors in the kitchen for opening everything – bags of chips, baking bags, salad bags et all. Without scissors, bags explode (all over) with frustrated hammering. ✂️😬✂️🙄✂️

    1. TMH says:

      Virginia! Love the ‘energy burst’ rationalization for baking. Thanks for talking me off the ledge on the scissors issue. ;->

  2. Chuck Guest says:

    Procrastination is bad enough. And now it’s delicious.

    1. TMH says:

      Chuck, well said. As usual. I think your comment could be a book title. Heeyyyyy…

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