Ten more writing prompts…and one way I use them.


  1. “This brings back special memories.”
    “I hoped it would.”
  2. It had been years since we felt this close…
  3. The attic contained secrets no one wanted to explore…
  4. “You look good in red.”
    “Well, you look good…nah, I can’t even lie about it.”
  5. “I am your doctor, you are my patient. Therefore…”
  6. “So it’s settled. I’ll stay here and you look inside the cabin.”
  7. “This festival is going downhill fast.”
    “Yeah, gale force winds and dozens of casualties tend to do that.”
  8. “Can I have this dance?”
    Wrong question. Wrong time.
  9. Why couldn’t this moment last forever?
    I couldn’t believe I was even thinking that.
  10. “You’re going to eat all that?”
    “Yeah, why?”

One of my writing prompt strategies…

If I’m stuck at a point in one of my fiction drafts, I thumb through my lists to find a character’s action or a piece of dialogue that, at the very least, nudges me into the ‘What if…’ mode.

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