Ten more writing prompts…and another way I use them.

listening javier-molina-185935-unsplash

  1. The last suitcase at the baggage carousel was about to change my life…
  2. “He really teed off on me…and for no good reason.”
    “Wellll…let’s just say…”
  3. Josie’s feet were propped on the desk as I entered her den of sin…
  4. Non-stop yakking…that was the only way to describe it.
  5. I reached for the ring in my pocket. So far, so good…
  6. “Let’s just say follow-through wasn’t exactly his strength…”
  7. It was hard to tell the criminals from the politicians…
  8. At the far end of the terminal, a diminutive woman huddled inside her heavy coat and waited. There had to be more to her story…
  9. I braced myself for the worst possible news. Instead…
  10. I wasn’t sure who the applause was for, so I shrugged and waved to the welcoming crowd…

Another use: I turn to my lists of prompts to spice up my morning pages when I’m tired of writing about my own little issues and plans.




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