10 Writing Prompts for July 20

  1. “I can’t go back to the way things were.”
  2. “I’m pretty sure we’re going to need a lawyer.”
  3. “Come on, George, we both know all that stuff was just talk.”
  4. “Oh, sure, we threw away our future today, but we still have enchiladas!”
  5. It made us feel like kids again. And we couldn’t stop…
  6. “You really never believed in me!”
  7. “I’m calling today, ‘Launch Day’!’”
  8. “I’m afraid I’ve hit a creative roadblock.”
  9. Her mother…coming up the walkway. There had to be a place to hide…
  10. I sensed tension. Lots of it. I looked to Barkley for relief…

Note: These prompts only starting points and might–and probably will–elicit entirely different characters, settings, dialogue. If so, mission accomplished!

#9. Her mother…coming up the walkway. And my wife miles from the house. There had to be a place to hide. If only I could vaporize my car so the ‘nobody home’ message would ring loud and clear.

But nothing was ‘loud and clear’ to this woman. Except when she screamed at PBS commentators. That was loud and clear.


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