Ten more writing prompts…and yet another way I use them.


Another way I use my writing warmups: I will close a mediocre writing day with a burst of Warmup-inspired words to help kickstart  my next session. [Note: My first ebook of Writing Warmups is currently free.]

  1. “He gave me a detailed description of what he wanted.” I held it up. “This is as close as I could get.”
  2. The speaker hobbled across the stage to the podium. I leaned to my buddy. “This is going to take a loooong time.”
  3. The bank statements told an interesting story.
  4. “Just jot your name on the dotted line and all will be well.”
  5. “That guy across the street? Been there three straight days.”
  6. “Not so fast. I need a few minutes to read this over.” Totally not what I wanted to hear.
  7. The books were stacked. The coffee was brewed. The all-nighter had begun. And then the phone rang.
  8. I held the document up to the light. “Very interesting.”
  9. In strutted a fashion disaster. “Which way to my dressing room?”
  10. “I have absolutely nothing to hide.”



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